Updates to the client section

In the client section of the site we’ve added the feature of comments directly on the clients page. This allows for simple communication in the same location as our progress updates, hopefully making the job of staying in the loop even easier. These sections are limited to ourselves and the client, though emails and phone calls are still perfectly valid communication methods if desired.

On that note, we’ve added a very simple demonstration of what the client page looks like and how it works by way of a Client Demo which you can use to see what it’s like.

Login details for the demo are simply:

username: democlient

password: democlient

In other news, we recently attended the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show in Mississauga Ontario and got to explore and network with individuals all throughout the industry. For anyone who wasn’t able to make the show, we highly recommend trying to attend the show in the future if you ever get the chance!

Keep on innovating,

The CMD Team.