Welcome to the world of 3D Printing! 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that turns digital three-dimensional models into actual three-dimensional objects. This process is usually completed by putting down many small layers of material, most commonly plastic, to create the object as a whole. 3D Printing is currently a blossoming field of technology and rapid prototyping and as such, incredible things are being done with it every day.

Here, we’ll be sharing some of our favourites! Expect the list to be growing and changing constantly as the world of 3D printing will be doing exactly that!

3D Printing Innovations Worldwide!

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CMD Prototyping: 46.536489, -80.938681
3D Printing in Space: 37.407816, -122.056312
3D Printed Car: 41.851536, -87.618849
Project Egg: 51.555767, 5.096479
Materialise sets sights on the Medical Field : 50.881520, 4.696758
3-D Printed Band Performs: 55.711948, 13.203493
3D Printing and Drones!: 52.100014, 4.270048
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CMD Prototyping
Here we are!
1545 Maley Drive, Sudbury, ON, Canada
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3D Printing in Space
A company by the name of Made In Space has created a Zero-G printer for use on the ISS! Brought up to the Space Station on September 22nd, the goal is to allow astronauts to print potentially necessary items.

Link Here
140 Dailey Road, Mountain View, California, United States
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3D Printed Car
Local Motors prints an entire 3-D car in just 44 hours at the International manufacturing trade show.  By using an Big area Additive manufacturing machine to print the body and then later mill out fine details, they were able to create a fully functioning automobile that hits speed of up to 40 mph.

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, United States
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Project Egg
Designed by Michiel Van Der Kley, Project Egg is a 3D printed building made up of 4760 individual unique stones, all 3D printed by folk from around the world and shipped to be assembled in the Netherlands. Forming a unique worldwide community project and creating what is potentially considered the world's largest fabrication line, this project is continuing to demonstrate the mind-boggling possibilities and applications of 3D Printing technology.

Project Website Here
Lanciersstraat 42, Tilburg, The Netherlands
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Materialise sets sights on the Medical Field
Materialise, a leading company when it comes to innovative uses for 3-D printing has begun to create models for the medical industry.  These models of the heart are created using CT or MRI scan in order to replicate the cardiovascular conditions of each individual patient.  The idea is that a doctor can asses the condition of an individual prior to using a scalpel and figure out the best and safest approach to the surgery.  Materialise has done this procedure on individuals from 0 to 60 years old and theirbaby-heart1 models have being recognized as a class 1 (low risk) medical device by the FDA.
3000 Leuven, Belgium
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3-D Printed Band Performs
Professor Olaf Diegel has undertaken a project to demonstrate how 3-D printing has a home outside of the manufacturing industry.  This demonstration is in the form of the first ever 3-D concert.  Performed by students of the Malmo Academy of Music, the concert consisted of a drum kit, two guitars and a piano. Watch the video here.
Lund University, Lund, Sweden
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3D Printing and Drones!
Drones are pretty cool.
3D Printing is pretty cool.
Combining them is just awesome!

The story and the company.
Doctor Lelykade 20a, 2583 CM The Hague, Netherlands