Social & Stylish

Flowcharts are great. They show a process in a clear and concise manner while being pleasant to look at. That’s why we’ve added one to the Home page! It quite simply just shows our design process and the iterative points where your involvement makes all the difference. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s quite nice to look at in comparison to just text…

The About Us page also got a bit of a revamp with the addition of some words from our founders, quickly defining who we are and why this company matters to us. It’s three separate motivations to the same goal, and hopefully helps to explain why we do what we do.

Lastly, we’ve decided to be more of a social butterfly, and we fully encourage you to check us out over on Linked In¬†and join us in the Twitter-sphere by following @CMDPrototyping

We’ll be posting updates about what we’re doing and getting involved in, as well as the innovation stories from around our community, so stay tuned for new things happening!

Thank you as always,

-CMD Team