Resource Intensive

Seeing a project through to it’s completion can be a daunting task, and while the internet contains many of the information and tools to see it through, it’s also generally buried under mountains of irrelevant content. So, in the goal of providing useful resources for those looking to start, continue or complete their projects, we’ve developed a Resources page where we’ll continuously update information in regards to the communities and tools that we find most helpful.

In essence, we’re going to link to the other fantastic companies and communities out there that can help bring big ideas to life. We’re here to help you after all, and sometimes the best help is a simple reference. Due to this, if you think we’ve missed an important resource, or simply want to share something you personally find useful, send us an email, tweet or Facebook message to let us know! We always look forward to hearing the opinions of others, and together we can make sure that one won’t feel at a loss for assistance.

– The CMD Team