CMD prototyping is a company passionate about bringing the incredible innovative capacity of Canadians to the world’s stage.

We know that, for most people and businesses, it is totally impractical to learn ALL the skills required to create a product. A great idea, a solution to a unique problem, can come from anybody and not all of these innovators will happen to be in the right field to bring that idea to life. That’s where we can help!

Working out of the NORCAT Commons & the Fortin Discovery Lab, CMD Prototyping is a business founded on exactly these types of situations. Founded by three mechanical engineering graduates with specialization in mechatronics, CMD Prototyping relies on these abilities coupled with the incredible resources at the Fortin Discovery Lab to tackle the innovative projects of our clients. Residing in the NORCAT Commons also gives us a unique network of brilliant minds and services that we can call upon to help fully realize your creations.

CMD Prototyping is currently made up of the three founding members: Jorden Colwell, Joshua Martin, and Daryl Dominique, as well as soon-to-graduate Mathematics student Aaron Ferguson. Our goal is to play a small, but important part in the process of creating products that contribute to the innovative and technological legacy of our home in Canada’s “Great White North”.

“Even as a child I had an intense passion for creation, leading to dismantling electronics and…a deep seeded need to understand how things functioned. Through education, both formal and informal, I become more competent at expressing this creativity through many mediums. Stretching from wood and cement to coding, microprocessors and arduino robotics, I found many ways to implement my drive to make common tasks easier and to better my surroundings. When introduced to 3-D printing during my mechanical engineering degree, I immediately saw it as a simple method of bringing manufacturing to the masses. By pairing those who have the ideas but no venue for expressing them with the very cutting edge of technology that they may not otherwise be exposed to, I see it as my civic duty to accelerate the development stages for the products of tomorrow.”

“I’m a Mechanical Engineering graduate currently completing my Master’s at Laurentian University. As a student I enjoy learning just about anything math and physics related, but most of all I like to understand how things work. Because of this, I plan on focusing my studies in green and efficient energy methods, as well as materials science. Though I eventually want to work in research and development, I feel that many great ideas are found outside of this field and are often overlooked. For me, CMD Prototyping is a way to combine my passion for learning with my drive to design new and creative products.”

“As a Mechanical Engineering student, musician and songwriter, just about everything I do is some form of exploration into bringing sheer creativity into reality. Since a kid I’ve always dreamed of trying to harness imagination to actually create what appears in our mind’s eye. CMD Prototyping came about as a way of giving others with that same drive a method to create without that huge difficulty wall that generally stands in the way of invention. Let’s stop allowing possibly life changing ideas to be extinguished and see just what we’re capable of when we work together to bring innovation to a more accessible level. Everyone has ideas, why shouldn’t they all have a chance to exist?”